Jesus and the Exclamation Point!

We often picture Jesus as the "Jesus Meek and Gentle" figure from the flannel boards we first saw in Sunday School. We see him as a puny lightweight with feminine characteristics thanks to all of the artistic renderings that have been used to depict Him.

Granted, there are plenty of instances when Jesus was gentle. He came into town gently on a donkey as we read in Matthew 21:5. He wept after his close friend Lazarus died.

Jesus was a far cry from the sissy many artists have made him out to be. In many instances he raised his voice and used force. Remember, this guy was a carpenter (Mark 6:1-4). Hammering and sawing were his pastimes.

In Luke 2:40 we read about Jesus becoming "strong". In John 2:14 we read about him making a whip out of cords and driving the moneychangers from the temple.

Mark 1:21-27 tells us that Jesus “sternly” throws a demon out of a possessed soul.

In Mark 4:35-41 we read about him calming the storm. If what he says here, “Quiet. Be Still!”, isn’t loud, no one would have ever been able to hear what he said to record it for the Bible. Storms that rock boats probably aren't the quietest things in the world.

In Mark 5:1-8 Jesus heals a demon-possessed man. Mark 5:41 tells the story of Jesus healing a little girl.

When Jesus rebukes Peter in Mark 8:33, he says “Get behind me Satan!” I don't think this would be a very soft command.

Then comes the crucifixion. In my humble opinion the Jesus of the flannel board would never have made it to the cross. He would have been dead from the lashes across his back and the crown of thorns in his head.

Because there were no cameras in Jesus' day, we have no real idea of exactly what he looked like. What we can do is read the scriptures to get an idea of how he carried himself.

The Jesus of the Bible was not the blue-eyed, fair-skinned, 100-pound sissy from the flannel board.

He was real.