Two-Liter of Coke

cokeDuring my high school and college years I attended many parties where alcohol was the guest of honor. With my hat on backwards, I would get high on my two-liter of Coca-Cola and provide entertainment for all the drunks. To this day I have never tasted alcohol, but I have seen first-hand enough of the effects of alcohol to last a lifetime.

I have not been to a party or “establishment” where alcohol is served in over four years. Something happened at the last party I went to that opened my eyes to a lie in which the devil had trapped me.

The party was on a farm in a small Tennessee town. Nearly 300 college students flooded the fields and barns, soaking up Jack Daniels and Coors Light like a sponge. With two-liter in hand, I made the rounds. I laughed at all my drunk friends, accidentally disturbed some “couples” in the hayloft, and enjoyed the aroma of whiskey and vomit.

I walked over in front of a small barn where two guys were playing their guitars and singing. By this time most of the crowd had huddled around the “stage” for a big sing-along. After a few songs, one of the guys said, “This next one’s a favorite of mine. I’m sure it’s a favorite of yours.” As he began singing, I realized I’d never heard the song before.

When he got to the chorus, the 200 or so people around the barn all joined in. With beer and whiskey bottles raised high, they swayed and sang at the top of their lungs:

I’m goin’ straight to hell
Just like my Momma said
I’m goin’ straight to hell

Suddenly, I realized that’s exactly where we all were going. My soul shivered like never before. I immediately put down my two-liter, got in my truck, and drove home.

The devil had tried to convince me over the years that as long as I went to the parties and didn’t drink, I was okay. He convinced me that I was actually a missionary. People would see me drinking my coke and realize they didn’t have to drink to have a good time.

What a lie!

I now realize I would have made a much better statement by not going. I also realize that just about everyone always thought there was a little something “extra” in my two-liter.

“Abstain from all appearance of evil.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:22 KJV

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