Grand Canyon of Sin
By: Brent High

grand canyonI have been a Christian for almost 14 years. My dad baptized me for the forgiveness of my sins on November 1, 1987. I was blessed to grow up in a Christian family that belonged to a wonderful church family. I estimate that in my life I have attended over 1400 Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night services. I have been fortunate to attend dozens of camps and hundreds of Bible studies and devotionals. This environment has proved to be a very fertile ground for my faith. It has been a wonderful blessing for which I can’t thank God enough.

For people like me, such a blessing can also serve as a danger as we walk with the Lord. After so many sermons and Bible studies, it can be easy to think that we’ve got things figured out, that we’re doing a pretty good job, that we’re right about a lot of things.

Romans 3:23 says, “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

I heard a great analogy last week about the great divide that exists between God and man. It was compared to the Grand Canyon. At its most narrow points, the Grand Canyon is 10 miles wide, rim to rim. Man trying to get to God and avoid death would be like trying to jump across the Grand Canyon. Even if we trained day after day and got to be as good as the world’s greatest Olympic broad jumpers, we would only be able to span 24-26 feet of the more than 50,000 feet that separate the two rims. We’d be just as dead as those who could only jump four or five feet.

Let us never forget that Jesus is the only way we can bridge the gap between God and man. We can never learn enough, do enough or figure out enough to earn heaven. Let us never forget that we all deserve hell and escape its torture only by the blood of Jesus.


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