Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego Class Notes
By: Brent High

Daniel Chapter 3

Vs. 1 – Nebuchadnezzar creates image of gold was 90 feet high and 90 feet wide

Who was Nebuchadnezzar?
- King who seized power in Jerusalem
- Daniel interpreted dream for him in chapter 2
- 2:46 – Nebuchadnezzar praises God

Vs 2. – all government officials summoned
Vs. 3 – all government officials stand before idol
Vs. 5 – decree given that at sound of music, all must bow
Vs. 6 – punishment laid out “blazing furnace” for those who do not bow

Vs. 8 – astrologers “tattle” on Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
- people who open their eyes during prayer to see who doesn’t have their head bowed
- How could astrologers worship if they were so concerned about everyone else?

Vs. 12 – we learn that Nebuchadnezzar put S, M & A over affairs over province of Babylon, they were important
Vs. 13 – S, M & A brought before king
Vs. 15 – ultimatum given – Nebuchadnezzar taunts God

Vs. 16 – S, M & A don’t try to get out of predicament
- they accept whatever happens
vs. 17 – they say God is “ABLE” to save them
vs. 18 – Even if he doesn’t they won’t serve him
vs. 19 – furnace heated seven times hotter than normal
vs. 20 – strongest soldiers in army tied them up and tried to throw them in
vs. 21 – all of clothing would have been easily ignited
vs. 22 – soldiers killed by flames of fire
vs. 23 – thrown into furnace
vs. 24-25 – four men in furnace (son of Gods)
vs. 26 – calls S, M & A out
vs. 28 – Nebuchadnezzar praises God
vs. 29 – decrees “cut into pieces” and “piles of rubble” campaign against God’s detractors
vs. 30 – S, M & A given promotion

Vs. 8 –Who would you compare the astrologers to today and why? How do we keep from having the mindset of the astrologers?

Vs. 17 – S, M & A said God was “Able” to save them, but said in vs. 18 they wouldn’t serve Nebuchadnezzar even if God didn’t save them. How could God have been glorified in both situations? What are other ways God’s power is shown besides deliverance? – Columbine, Wedgewood Baptist TX

Vs. 26 –30 – Nebuchadnezzar becomes bandwagon supporter of God. Do people still need miracles before they’ll believe today? Give examples. Why do people forget about God’s power so quickly?

What are some examples of instances Christians may face today where we have to choose between God and the world?
Work – many examples

What keeps us from seeing Jesus in the “fiery furnaces” of life?

We will be forced to make choices between Christianity and the world. If we choose the world we are no better than Peter when he denied Christ three times in a row.
When trials come, a positive outcome may come in the form other than deliverance from that earthly problem.
Jesus is always there.