Jonah & the Whale Class Outline
By: Brent High

Who was Jonah???? - 2 Kings 14:25

Jonah 1:1-3 - God gives Jonah specific instructions to go Northeast to Ninevah. He tries to flee from God by getting on a westbound ship for Tarshish.

QUESTION: Where is God?
Sometimes I think we have a picture of God in a rocking chair on your our porch eating an ice cream cone. We can just leave him there. We can run from him.

QUESTION (show of hands): How many of you think the whale was part of Jonah’s punishment?
Vs. 17 “God PROVIDED a great fish to swallow Jonah..”

Vs. 4: Lord sent a great wind on the sea that it threatened to break up the boat
The winds and waves were so rough that the sailors were in their minds killing Jonah by throwing him overboard.
Vs. 14 “Oh Lord, please do not let us die for taking this man’s life…..Do not hold us accountable for killing an innocent man..”

Three days and three nights he was inside fish
Discovery Channel Commercial..stomach acid..complete Pinocchio story with matches
Dark places sometimes bring the most repentance...

Jonah prayed..
Same Jonah who got on a boat to flee from God thought God could hear his prayer from the belly of a whale...
Chapter 2:3-6 – Read about Jonah’s time in the water
Jonah was glad the fish came and got him

QUESTION: When are some times in your life God has used dark times to get you to think and realize you needed to reprioritize your life?

For me it was baseball...

Whale vomits Jonah out on dry land

When we first come out of whale-belly experiences in life, it can be a sour experience. Getting back on our feet and getting going isn’t always easy. But that doesn’t mean we should delay getting going.

After he got the sand out of his britches, Jonah sent to Nineveh where 120,000 people in danger of God’s destruction (ch. 4: 11) wait on his word.

Jonah must have been a very powerful preacher.

Vs. 4 – On the first day, Jonah told them they had 40 more days before they would be overturned (or overthrown). The Ninevites believed God, declared a fast and put on sackcloth.

Vs. 7 – King gets in on the action. Declares city-wide proclamation that all people and animals shouldn’t eat or drink. They should pray.

Vs. 10 – God changes his mind about destruction because of repentance...

Chapter 4 – Jonah is angry at God for forgiving the people he just preached to. Read vs. 1-3

Preachers like that today...

QUESTION: What are some groups of sinners we as Christians have trouble accepting that God can forgive them?

QUESTION: When people run from God today, what are the consequences?

QUESTION: Jonah survived his time in the torrential seas and became a better minister because of his ordeal. What “storm and whale-belly” experiences have you made it through and can use to help others?