Thom and Michele Hazelip
By: Brent High


I barely know Thom Hazelip and he probably wouldn't even know me if we passed on the street. Thom was president of the student body at Lipscomb University when I was a student there. I have kept up with him from a distance for the last few years. Regardless, he and his family are heroes to me.

from the Front Porch Ministry website.....

In 2004 God drew the hearts of Thom and Michele Hazelip to an inner-city neighborhood in Nashville and to a condemned house a block from the projects and two blocks from Nashville's most famous street for drug trafficking and prostitution. Now Michele and Thom live with their four children in the McFerrin Park Community surrounded by Section Eight housing, filled with kids and single Moms who are “at risk”.

* "At risk" of believing there is no hope things will ever be any better.
* "At risk" of not believing they are worthwhile and lovable.
* "At risk" of becoming a statistic.
* "At risk" of believing there is no loving God who really cares for them.

Michele has become the neighborhood Mom (many actually call her “Mom”). Many of the neighborhood children live life with Thom and Michele as they go to the YMCA, church, ball games, sidewalk-chalk the walkway and often hang out on the front porch and front yard. Other times they live life with them by taking them to dance class, grocery shopping, visiting colleges, putting on a talent show and giving rides home after dark.

The hope and prayer of all those involved with Front Porch Ministry is that these children and families come to know the love of Christ and break the patterns that have been in the lives of their family for generations.

Click here to watch a YouTube video about the Hazelips and their ministry. Go to to learn more about the ministry. Look them up on Facebook as well.