Lynn Golden
By: Brent High


Back in the fall of 2004 I began talking to my friend Mike Snider who was the owner of Third Coast Artists Agency in Nashville about the idea of starting a new company. TCAA was the booking agency for several top Christian music acts including MercyMe, Jeremy Camp and Audio Adrenaline and helped get Faith Nights started at the Nashville Sounds.

We were having great success with our Faith Night events with the Nashville Sounds and I wanted to seriously pursue the idea of starting a company to do Faith Night events for other sports teams. As we got more serious about the concept Mike insisted we bring in another partner, his sister-in-law Lynn Golden. She was described as a whiz with numbers and would handle all of the paperwork associated with the business. I didn't know Lynn at all but trusted Mike.

I'm so glad I did.

Lynn has been an incredible business partner for almost six years. She has done far more than handle paperwork and numbers. Lynn is the heart of Third Coast Sports. She is also the main reason Third Coast Sports Foundation got its 501c3 tax exempt status approved last month. She is a bulldog and will go out of her way to get things done. She doesn't accept no as an answer.

I don't know how Lynn does everything she does. The only explanation I have is that God is living inside that woman. I told her earlier this week that she is the prayingest non-grandmother I have ever met. Lynn has taught me more about the Spirit and seeking God's face than anyone I have ever met. When she tells you she's been praying for you on her knees she means it. She cries regularly when talking about the Lord and his will.

Lynn has an amazing testimony about overcoming trials. If you know her, ask her to tell you the story about moving to a new school for her senior year of high school and the reception she got from her new classmates. Ask her about the angels.

Lynn is a loving wife to Greg and super-mom to Chris, Nathan and Natalie. Together they make one terrific family.

Thank you Lynn Golden for making an eternal difference!