Dr. David Vanderpool
By: Brent High


This week's High's Hero Award honoring people making an eternal difference goes to Dr. David Vanderpool. I have never met David but have come to admire and respect him from a distance. He and his family are walking the walk.

This is an excerpt from an article in this week's Tennessean newspaper:

David Vanderpool says he's no hero.

He's just trying to do the right thing.
So the Brentwood surgeon got a chuckle when People magazine named him and his family to its "Heroes of the Year" list in today's edition.

"I think that's kind of funny," Vanderpool said. "We're not heroes. We're just doing what we are called to do."

He left Thursday for his 11th medical mission trip to Haiti since January's earthquake devastated the island nation.
He's one of several Middle Tennesseans still involved in helping Haiti recover from a devastating January earthquake an effort Vanderpool fears will trail off as images of Haiti fade from the news.

For 20 years Vanderpool has been taking medical mission trips to impoverished countries such as Haiti. Those trips eventually led him to start a charity called Mobile Medical Disaster Relief, funded with proceeds from his private medical practice.

Vanderpool, a member of Harpeth Hills Church of Christ, says he's doing what his Christian faith teaches. And he's thankful for the chance to help.

"To serve people who are poor, who have nothing, is a privilege," he said.

Vanderpool took about $850,000 worth of antibiotics to Haiti to treat victims of the recent cholera outbreak, which has killed around 400 people. With antibiotics and enough clean water, most cholera victims will recover. But things are likely to get worse before they get better.

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Thank you David for helping make an eternal difference!