Coach Frank Bennett
By: Brent High


This week's High's Hero Award, recognizing people who are making an eternal difference, goes to my good friend and mentor Coach Frank Bennett.

I have had the great privilege of knowing Coach Bennett for almost 20 years. He was Emily's basketball coach at Lipscomb. She considers him to have been one of the most instrumental people in shaping her life. For that I will always be thankful.

Coach Bennett has been the Lady Bisons' coach for 31 years. Coach Bennett is very intentional about spiritual formation within his program. He has always put the spiritual well-being of his players above everything else. He coaches other coaches. He coaches us as staff members. He leads by example. Coach Bennett is also an elder at Otter Creek Church of Christ in Nashville where he has served for many years. He and his wife Jan have three children - Franklin, Lee and Laura.

Frank Bennett is a rock. He is humble. He is not proud. He is a gentle, steady rain that sinks in over time. He has no enemies. He always wants to know about you and is genuinely interested in you, your family and your walk with the Lord. When he has been faced with extreme trials over the years, I have watched him stay steady and strong. He relies on prayer and the Spirit to get him through.

I am so thankful God has blessed Emily and me with such a great mentor and friend. The eternal ripples that his ministry has started are countless.

Thank you Coach Bennett for helping make an eternal difference!