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Place in the Sun Jul 2 Quotes Unknown
Sailing Jul 1 Quotes Thomas Fuller
Two Kinds of People May 16 Quotes Indira Ghandi
Vision May 2 Quotes Japanese Proverb
Chances May 2 Quotes Julia Soul
Happy People Apr 30 Quotes unknown
Mountain Apr 23 Quotes Sir Edmund Hillary
Oceans Apr 20 Quotes unknown
Slow down Apr 17 Quotes Eddie Cantor
Achievement Apr 13 Quotes Wilfred A. Peterson
Positive Mind Apr 11 Quotes Alexander Lockhart
Opportunity Apr 8 Quotes Thomas Edison
Rabbit's Foot Apr 2 Quotes R.E. Shay
Burdens Mar 28 Quotes Lena Horne
Tomorrow Mar 27 Quotes Pablo Picasso
Snowflake Mar 26 Quotes unknown
Mistakes Mar 22 Quotes Dale Carnegie
Gone Forever Mar 21 Quotes
Obstacles Mar 20 Quotes unknown
Wish Mar 19 Quotes Barbara Sher
Beliefs & Convictions Mar 15 Quotes Claude M. Bristol
Repetition Mar 13 Quotes unknown
Knowing & Willing Mar 12 Quotes unknown
Motion & Progress Mar 11 Quotes Alfred A. Montapert
Satisfied Mar 9 Quotes Arnold Schwarzenegger
Enthusiasm Mar 7 Quotes Norman Vincent Peale
Dreams Mar 6 Quotes unknown
Place in the Sun Mar 5 Quotes Dear Abby
Give and Take Mar 4 Quotes Elizabeth Bibesco
Kindness Mar 1 Quotes Aesop
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